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Learn To Invest like Warren Buffett

Learn To Invest like Warren Buffett Resources for a strong foundation Like many things in life, starting with the right foundation will greatly increase potential. The right foundation in sports begins with endurance and strength training. In investing it is learning things like what a stock actually is, what metrics are used to measure a […]

How get huge dividend yields. 3 Case Studies

How to get huge dividend yields. 3 Case Studies   This article will follow 3 different case studies for 3 companies listed on the Dow Jones Index. Holding dividend paying stock over the long haul pays, well, large dividends. And don’t forget about stock splits, I will factor those in as well. In this study […]

Dividend Investing for Beginners

Dividend Investing For beginners Investing in stocks for their dividends is one of the best ways beginners can get their feet wet investing in the stock market. Actually many experienced investors buy stocks for their dividends, it’s a very safe way to invest.  A large portion of publicly traded stocks pay quarterly or annual dividends […]

Money does not belong in a savings account

  Invest in Stocks, not Savings Accounts Your money should be making you money   In this article I will explain several ways to make money with your money. Ways that they should be teaching everyone in school. This includes regular quarterly dividend payments, right into your account, to franchises and businesses.   MONEY DEPOSITED […]

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What Are Stocks And How Do I Invest In Them?

  WHAT ARE STOCKS AND HOW DO I INVEST IN THEM? According Forbes and many other studies, the average stock market return since 1965 is over 11%. That means if you owned $10,000 in stocks, after 5 years you would have 16,850.58. Almost 7 thousand dollars for doing nothing… not bad. When it comes to […]