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Money in lawn care
Starting a lawn care business

  STARTING A LAWN CARE BUSINESS I like to think of Lawn care as a “gateway business” because it leads to all kinds of other business opportunities. Its one of those “low barrier to entry” types of businesses that are just so easy to get in and out of. Many people over look simple service […]

Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Does direct mail even work? Short answer – oh yeah. Businesses spent over 40 billion dollars in 2014 on direct mail marketing.  Direct mail has a higher response rate than email, display ads, and paid search. If you take a quick look in the mail box i’m sure you will find mail from local business on […]

Things to Consider in your Startup Business

  Startup Things to Consider Everybody has a great business ideas. Unfortunately, the ideas often are never pursued. Perhaps your intuition says your startup idea would make you some good coin, but you don’t want to start your business on just a hunch and don’t know how to test the waters before sinking a lot […]

Boost your business with Pinterest and Instagram

Business Startup Strategies Jumpstart Your Business with Pinterest and Instagram   It’s no secret social sharing sites are popular across the globe and the majority of internet users participate in social sharing in some way, even if it is indirect. Ten or fifteen years ago, younger age groups dominated social sharing platforms but in recent […]